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+++ Symposium in biennial mode +++ Next Symposium to take place in 2024 +++

About the Symposium

Hydrogen is one of the most important clean energy carriers of the future. Although green hydrogen will not achieve climate neutrality on its own, it is the link in the energy transition for CO2-neutral mobility, industry and the power sector. In order to be able to cover the energy demand across all sectors in a climate-neutral way in the future, we need hydrogen produced with renewable energies in large quantities.

So, how can renewable hydrogen production become competitive before 2030?
How can a well-developed hydrogen transport infrastructure look like and what role will existing gas pipelines and providers play?

At the 1st Hydrogen Power System Integration Symposium, international experts from

  • energy suppliers
  • gas turbine manufacturers
  • electrolyzer and fuel cells manufacturers
  • automotive and industrial companies
  • research institutions and
  • H2 solution providers

will address these issues and discuss how the transition to large scale green hydrogen application can succeed.


Special Topic: Electrification of Industry Processes

However, not only the power sector, but also energy-intensive industry plays a major role in the global shift to renewable energies. During the special topic session on “Electrification of Industry Processes”, participants can learn more about new strategies like electrochemical conversion technology that can enable sustainable production of chemicals and fuels.